Contact us at the Laing Funeral Home Inc at (716) 992-9172 and we can help you design your monument right in our office. We can help you re-create and design anything you and your family wish in any color, size and style of monument or create your own from scratch. The Laing Funeral Home Inc. will never solicite your information to any monument dealer without your consent. Many monument dealers will read your loved one's name in an obituary and send you their information and follow up with several phone calls.

A cemetery marker is more than just a piece of granite or bronze with a name and dates on it. It serves as a special place for family and friends to gather and remember and reflect upon the life of a loved one.

Markers and monuments can be created in many shapes and styles and can be personalized with engraved messages and photos. We can assist you with creating a unique tribute to your loved one.

We work alongside some of the best monument dealers to help with your monument needs.


"Memorial Guard" is designed to enhance your new or exciting marker stone by reducing the risk of sinking while helping lower plot maintenance. With "Memorial Guard" your family will have an identifiable marker stone for many years to come.

Originally designed for the Veterans Memorial Marker, the "Memorial Guard" will fit other flat edged (Not Rough Cut) 24"x12"x4" granite or marble marker stones. Call Laing Funeral Home Inc (716) 992-9172 for pricing.


Before Memorial Guard

With Memorial Guard

*Due to different rules and regulations at cemeteries through out the USA, please check with your local cemetery to verify approval of this product.